• Hey there...!

    I'm Asif Khan

    I'm an Web developer...

    Welcome to my personal portfolio website...

  • I'm a Front-end Developer

    Work with client side technologies.

    I'm not a pro designer...!!!

    I translate designs for websites.

  • Also a Back-end Developer

    I write Php & server-side JavaScript.

    I program CMSs and APIs...

    Design databases and write SQL...!!!

  • I'm a limited SysAdmin...!!!

    DevOps ? Yes.

    Service ? On-call 24/7 ?


About Me

Hello World !

Hello...!!! I am Asif, I am an web developer, a writer and a quick learner. I have been playing with web technologies for almost 4 years. I'm on study right now! Studying to become a computer geek.

I've developed sites using laravel and wordpress, please visit my upwork profile.

On my laptop, In love with Linux, been through various Linux distros (eg: Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, KDE), but my favorite distro is Ubuntu, love to use GNOME within it, and I would mention "Elementary OS" an amazing thingy.

I work with vagrant box on my PC, and I have got a RaspBerry Pi. I also love to tweak this little computer, and learning how to make something out of box with it. So far, I have only flourished, accomplishing wounder.

I've recently started blogging on programming stuffs, built my first blog with jekyll. I also love poetry! Though I haven't started any blog with my own writings.

I like to learn new things. Love to play on the web with html5 and Php. I went through Laravel Php Framework & Wordpress. I have learned various API integretion on the fly(Facebook, Twitter & PayPal). Therefore, JavaScript is my favorite language, because, I think understanding it is like writing poems for your spouse. ;)
So, NodeJS, Angular is on my study list. I'm still studying them.


Once upon a time I used to collect stamps; postal stamps. I have a book filled with lots of stamps.
I love playing games, first person shooting isn't my types. I like puzzles and strategic games.


I use sublime-Text 3, PhpStorm for coding purposes. I spend most of my time in bash. Use Vagrant for tweaking virtual machine on my pc. I use git for re-basing and version controlling my code. I use GitHub for my Open source projects and BitBucket for private projects. For speeding things up, I use google & stackOverflow a lot.